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Do you supplement your income teaching people to ride, or refining the skills of intermediate or advanced riders? If word of mouth is not fast enough to build your client base, then we have the solution to connect you with horse riders in need of your coaching skills. 

Traditionally in the past, clients have not been able to find a coach or instructor unless they know someone who can recommend one, what’s amusing is often these referrals are not from personal experience, it is just someone they heard about.  Are you leaving your business up to “chance” or are you actively promoting the experience and qualification you possess in your area of expertise?

Wouldn’t you want to connect with the largest buying equine audience, here, and now, on the internet? This is where they will go looking for you, rather than you trying to find out where they are!

With Google searches in Australia and New Zealand alone, seeking horse related products and services in excessive 50,000 per day there are horse people out there looking for your services, especially local to their area, where they don’t need to travel far.

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With fast and easy access on the Equine Directory we can direct interest and enquires to your door, without the need to update, keep and maintain an internet site. That’s right, you don’t even need to have your own internet site to advertise your services with us. We provide a number of affordable membership packages to suit. If you do have a website and was wondering why you weren’t getting many inquiries, look no further, we aim to bring them your way without the need for you to change or update your website with computer lingo designed to rank your website for people to be able to find undertaking a “generic” search for the type of services you just may offer.

Are you a coach/instructor who regularly conducts clinics and workshops? Are you looking for an effective opportunity to promote yourself doing these? As a value-added service, (this means, for the first 12 months, free of charge) we provide you with an internet site (Competitions, Clinics & Workshops) accesses by all different types of riding clubs who may not even know you exist in their local area. This will enable you to promote your clinics and workshops free of charge! For more information on how this works, please click this green link.

Would you be interested in being paid to promote our Equine Directory? This is a genuine unconditional offer. For more details click this link: Affiliate Program.

Why put it off? it will only take you the best part of 7 – 10 minutes to sign up! So do it TODAY

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